Week 1: A New Challenge

Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since I've posted a blog entry (since 2017!) and I've been trying to think about how to make it more appealing to myself to try again. I've decided to try a sort of New Year's Resolution for myself but I see it more as a "Challenge" than a poor attempt to completely revamp my entire life or uproot my normal way of doing things. Instead of such a large project to take in, I decided to try something that could be added to my pre-existing routine, and could also be a stress relieving way for me to express what is on my mind!

I introduce to you: the 52 Week Blog Challenge! Each week, I want to reflect and write about topics that I can really give my insight on: my experiences as a student and more specifically a music student. I think there have been some speculations about what happens inside a School of Music, by people who aren't associated. My favorite stereotype is that we don't have real work to do, we're lucky that we just get to make music all the time. Yeah. Right. Cute joke. I want to shed light on the world that I've spent the last 5 years being a part of and the things that I went through. As tight knit of a community that we are, you would be surprised at how sometimes we feel like we're going through the tough things alone. I hope to begin to bridge that gap, maybe give a glimpse into some real life projects that are coming my way and open our world, just a little, for everyone to see.

So this is just writing about my experiences weekly. Why would this be a challenge? Because, like so many of us, I easily get caught up in my planner, my syllabi, my rehearsal schedule, my work schedule, homework, exams, commissions, performances...and I simply convince myself that I have NO TIME to do anything extra. But, ironically, I never seem to find issues making time to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians every Sunday when it airs. It's not a problem that I watch that, the problem is the order of my priorities. For me to make it a requirement each week, no matter how many things I come up with that I have to do, it is kind of a big challenge. But I think that this is a major step in me growing in professionalism. Even if not a soul but my grandma reads this (if I pull it up on the computer for her) I would learn how to make myself accountable for the deadlines that I set, instead of relying on someone else to create a deadline, which is a major skill not only as a musician, but anywhere in any profession or lifestyle.

And I hope that through this year, it won't be just my voice. There are some topics that I'd like to interview friends and colleagues about, or even co-write during some weeks so that there can be a variety of voices sharing experiences that I may not be able to talk in-depth about! This project is also a way for me to research topics I never thought about and learn more along side whoever may read this which is really great for my own personal growth. And maybe along the way, I can improve my writing! This is definitely a casual style of writing. I am not a scholar or a musicologist who is writing for a scientific journal. I don't know everything about this field and I will probably not know everything at the end of this year. But my prospective will probably change, I might have different opinions from when I began and I think that would be the most beneficial for me.

So I hope you join me for this journey and learn right alongside me! See you next week for our first official topic!!

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