Senior Recital

Metamporphosis for Brass Ensemble

Horn: Charlotte Shore & Patrick Hayes

Trumpet: Katie Howard, Josh Krovetz, Tyler Stephenson

Trombone: Dave Beitzel, Keegan Evans

In 1964, Terry Riley, an American Composer associated with the minimalist movement, composed a piece titled In C. This piece was a series of 53 different musical phrases, ranging from one beat to 32 beats that could be played by any number of performers with each musical phrase being repeated any number of times. The interesting result of a composition of this style is that no two performances of it would be the same, and because of the musical phrases, the piece remains tonal. With an urge to expand my musical and compositional knowledge, I created a model composition with my own specifications. Written for a brass ensemble, Metamorphosis, has a series of 20 musical phrases that can be played on any number of trumpets, horns, and trombones. In full value, each phrase can be played any amount of times. As this piece is played, one should listen to how a simple phrase repeated over and over can be heard differently as it travels through the different instruments and interacts with different phrases.

Excerpt of Metamorphosis - Shar Joyner
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Resolution for Saxophone Quartet

Soprano Sax: Jacob Warren

Alto Sax: Bradley Schilit

Tenor Sax: Michael Kralik

Baritone Sax: Tradarius Luckett

During the Summer of 2015, my home of Charleston, South Carolina experienced a tragedy that changed the way I saw the world. On June 17th, 9 members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church were murdered during an evening prayer service, while 3 other victims survived. My shock was evident when I learned of my family’s connection to those who suffered. As I struggled to process this tragedy, my faith was tested. I felt jumpy every time I attended church services after. I no longer felt safe in a place that was supposed to provide refuge. In response to this, I wrote this piece for Saxophone Quartet. I quoted two hymns/songs that are prominent in the African American community and their fight for equality, We Shall Overcome and Lift Every Voice and Sing. This piece gave me the strength to reconnect to my faith and to my roots.

Resolution - Shar Joyner
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Alto Flute: Holly Boucher

Commissioned by Dr. Janet Philips, the story of Jurupari is about a time when women ruled the world with the power of magic flutes in the Taino tradition. These flutes announced ceremonies and called the men home from hunting for the day. The Sun saw this and did not like the power that the women held, so he came down to earth and impregnated the leader of the women. The woman bore a son and named him Jurupari. When Jurupari came of age, he stole the flutes from the women and hid them, telling the men where to find them and shifting the power. As a punishment for his betrayal, Jurupari was sentenced to death. After his death, his mother scattered his ashes in the sky creating the stars that we see today.

Jurupari - Shar Joyner
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Who Am I?

Violins: Dwyla Pearson, Devin Brown, Yunfei Li, Solange Maughn

Violas: Katie Bracewell, Marisha Williams

Cello: Asher Sizemore

Double Bass: Peter Kim

Funded by the Lloyd Artist in Residence Award, I proposed an 8-movement music and dance piece that explored that definition of what a person could be in relation to others around them. The entire work contains combinations of instruments, but the first movement, Who Am I?, was written for two violins and one cello. After the premiere in October of 2018, I decided to expand on this piece and arrange if for a slightly larger chamber string orchestra.

Who Am I? - Shar Joyner
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Pictures of Heaven

Violins: Dwyla Pearson, Devin Brown, Yunfei Li, Solange Maughn

Violas: Katie Bracewell, Marisha Williams

Cello: Asher Sizemore

Double Bass: Peter Kim

This piece follows four images that I would associate with the journey to heaven. The first image is a timid soul walking among the clouds as they slowly approach the gates of heaven. The second image is the majesty of the gates of heaven towering over the soul as they slowly begin to open. The third image is the soul being welcomed by angels with a light and graceful dance. The fourth image is the soul approaching the throne of God and speaking with Him.

Pictures of Heaven - Shar Joyner
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Monsters of the World

For Wind Ensemble

Undergraduate Research and Creativity Award (URCA). Each movement represents a creature of mythology from different areas of the world: the Gumiho (nine-tailed fox) from South Korea, the Saci Perere (trickster) from Brazil, and the Inkanyamba (tornado spirit) from South Africa. The musical approach was to capture the essence of the creature’s nature in my own imaginative writing and to set the mood of the creature.

Monsters of the World - Shar Joyner
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Wind Ensemble Personel

Katie Grischow

Holly Boucher
Sydney Horner

English Horn
Abby Shibley

James Hamilton
Brianna Souza

E-flat Clarinet
Kate Serbinowsky

B-flat Clarinet
Cassie Kossmann
Jennifer Dewey
Markell Singleton
Bass Clarinet
Taylor Barlow
Georgia Barrett
Jessica Fisher
Jack Fanning
Soprano/Alto Saxophone
Bradley Schilit
Jacob Warren

Tenor Saxophone
Michael Kralik
Baritone Saxophone
Tradarius Luckett


Katie Howard

Joshua Krovetz

Tyler Stephenson


Patrick Hayes

Charlotte Shore

Andrew Savage

Isaac Ward


Dave Beitzel

Keegan Evans

Bass Trombone

Jordan Isley


JT Abrams

Jose Medrano


Lincoln Myers

Double Bass

Peter Kim


Alex Boney

Zachary Covington

Chris Eaton

Sam Williams